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If you are going through a difficult time, or you have a specific problem that you need to solve and you don’t know how, or you need urgent financial resources… contact Santi by WhatsApp to tell him what you need. We will include you in the list below anonymously.



+34 663324679 (WhatsApp)


If you want to be helpful to people who have problems to solve, or who need emotional support, or accompaniment… You can help in many ways. In the list below you will be able to know the cases that we will be compiling.



+34 663324679 (WhatsApp)

Families needing help

Only the place where you live will be indicated, with a reference number and a brief summary of your case, to preserve your privacy.

Contact with Santi 663324679 (WhatsApp).


Do you think you can be useful to someone?


Thank you for being open to ask.
Thank you for being open to giving!




Help is needed for URGENT FOOD. Also feed for two little dogs.

Person without resources at the moment.


Single mother who is receiving the minimum subsistence allowance, with a daughter studying abroad who has recently been denied a scholarship.

At the moment she owes two months’ rent, a total of 540 euros (270×2); and she cannot find a way to pay it, as she depends on grants.

He works a few hours cleaning, but does not have the body to work more hours.

She promises to help as soon as she gets daughter’s new scholarship, etc., but now she is in a rut.

She can help by cleaning, ironing, or taking care of elderly people, especially in the morning.

Has bizum


“In Tenerife: person needs 160 euros urgently to pay for his shared apartment, as he is unemployed and does not receive the help until May 10.

He undertakes to pay it back when he receives his pay.

He is told that, when he gets paid, he can simply help another person in this same chain of help.

He offers to help in any way he can: some food, clothes, if someone needs a ride in a car…..

He knows Antonio’s videos and the work of the Association.

Very grateful

Case #004, BETANZOS. (A Coruña)

Woman looking for work in the area of Betanzos, A Coruña, Santiago, Rías Baixas, etc.

She offers to take care of the elderly and terminally ill, animals, massages, physiotherapeutic care, cleaning, etc.

She can move around.

Case #005, A Coruña. RESOLVED!!

Romanian family in a village in the province of La Coruña needs help with food and some cash to pay for butane, etc.

We already know the case, as they have already received help from the Association in the past. They already receive help for an apartment, etc., but they are always at the limit in terms of food and basic expenses.

They have several children, all in school. The husband has a bad back due to an accident he had, and is awaiting surgery.

They will buy some groceries at the local Eroski, and leave them some for butane, etc.

Please deposit your help in the account of the association putting in the reference case 005.

ES 7200730100530506307105



Woman from Granada with 2 children, abandoned by the father when they were young. Son and mother unemployed.
They pay for their apartment thanks to their grandmother’s pension, but they do not have enough to eat or pay their bills. They owe around 260 euros between unpaid electricity and water bills, and they are already receiving threats to cut off the supply.

They are in a critical situation and feeling quite desperate, living on small help from friends, etc.


You can put in the subject: Case 006

ES 7200730100530506307105



Boy of 34 years old, looking for work in the cities of Cartagena, Murcia and Alicante.

It could be as a bus driver, warehouse boy, delivery man or stock boy.


Case #008 CÁDIZ

For owner of domestic cats in the province of Cadiz.

– She has a cat with a tongue operation at the vet’s office, which needs to be paid for and the animal needs to be picked up.
– She also has two others in urgent need of veterinary attention, one with necrosis of the tongue and the other with a gum problem.

The person is paid just enough money to live on, and does not have the money to pay these bills. We would pay the veterinary clinic directly.

Please send your donations to the Association’s account.

You may put in subject: Case 008

ES 7200730100530506307105



Long-term unemployed, with a meager income that does not even cover the amount of the rent of the house.

At the present time, due to various circumstances, he owes several months’ rent, in addition to the last two electricity bills, and the compulsory vehicle insurance, which he needs, among other things, to be able to visit his parents in the residence where they are staying.

The situation is desperate, the landlord is rightly harassing me to collect the rent; the electricity company is threatening to cut off the supply….

I will be grateful for any help you can give me, with the commitment that, when the circumstances allow it, I will collaborate with you in helping our fellow men.

You may put in subject: Case 009

ES 7200730100530506307105



Woman in Uruguay SEEKS JOB.

Lives in Cerro Largo, Dpto de Melo, 500 kms from Montevideo.
Has a cab driver’s license, or can also work as a security guard.
Has references and experience.

You may put in subject: Case 010

ES 7200730100530506307105



A person with close ties to the Association needs about 20,000 euros to pay off a debt that threatens to collapse the material stability of his family.

You can put in subject: Case 011

ES 7200730100530506307105


Case #012 Crevillente, Elche, Alicante

Father of a family is looking for work in the area of Crevillente, Elche or Alicante.

They have 3 young children and are about to be evicted from a house in which they lived as squatters, as it is owned by the bank.

They are in a desperate situation and would accept any kind of help. They are committed to help them too as soon as they get out of this rut.

You may put in subject: Case 012

ES 7200730100530506307105


Case #013

Family at risk of being repossessed for not paying interest on a debt owed to the tax authorities. 

The debt is paid but the interest is missing, which amounts to €4,400. 

They claimed them, but finally the claim has been denied. 

You may put in subject: Case 013

ES 7200730100530506307105


Case #014 CARACAS (Venezuela). RESOLVED!!
  • Venezuelan (from Caracas) with urgent medical expenses: blood pressure, vitamins and constant pain in spine and legs.
    After having undergone a lumbosacral laminectomy, her vertebrae have grown, leaving her with motor difficulties. She has real difficulty walking and lives with constant pain 24 hours a day, whether sitting, lying down, standing and, worst of all, when walking. Sleeping is a terror for her, she is terrified of the bed, because she wakes up totally crippled, unable to straighten up and must wait hours for her body to settle down.

    She attaches medical reports.

    She also asks for help for food, underwear and shoes, as she has not been able to meet these needs for years.
    Her son, who helped her, died on June 21 of this year, and she only has a pension of 150 Bs, which represents approximately $25. She says that this money is not enough for anything, and that it is sad to have struggled so much in life, to have studied so much, to have worked so hard, to be without resources today.

    You can put in the subject: Case 014

ES 7200730100530506307105



Man living in Cartagena, with disability and need to move to Madrid to join his partner. He needs about 1,000 euros to pay for moving, repairing his van and moving his dog to Madrid. She receives a pension and can only work sometimes, when she is able to.

Please send your contributions to the account of the Association, thank you!

You can put in subject: Case 015

ES 7200730100530506307105

Case #016 Looking for a job in Madrid

“I have a 65% disability.

I am looking for work, something in Madrid, half day contract not to lose my pension.

I am good to be in customer service, I can take care of an elderly person although I am not an assistant. I have knowledge of cook in Italoargentinas specialties that I can elaborate in any bar or restaurant, waiter if it is a small place since I can not go to 100 as before, or some other work that does not demand physical effort. Although the contract is part-time I can work more hours, I have no problems.

I have vehicle, but I have to put it in better conditions , I hope this will help.

A big hug.”

You can put in subject: Case 016

IS 7200730100530506307105

Thank you


Financial help for Abel Angel, so he can bring his son from Mexico.

He has not seen the child since he was 3 months old, and needs help to bring his son, his partner, and buy some gifts.

We have already obtained the papers for them to come and financial help.

You can put in the subject: Case 017

ES 7200730100530506307105

Thank you

Case #018 SPAIN

A member of the Association needs financial help for two months’ food, about 300 euros.

After that, she will start receiving the non-contributory pension and she will already have money.

He says he can pay it back later.

Please help this person by paying your contribution into the Association’s account.

You can put in the subject: Case 018

ES 7200730100530506307105


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