Book “Now you are home!”

Antonio Gómez Martín

A near-death experience!

Let yourself be carried away by this true story, which will transport you to the dream of immortality!

“With all my love for humanity,

to whom I give the most precious and marvelous of my experience,

of the experience lived in those moments,

which is the best thing that could have happened to me…

Let me show you what happens after physical death.”

Antonio G.M.



On May 22, 2011, after a severe myocardial infarction, Antonio Gómez Martín experiences a powerful NDE (Near Death Experience) and his life changes completely. He not only connects with the meaning and purpose of his existence, but with the absolute transcendence and continuity that characterize the life of any human being.

This book narrates in detail the experiences and sensations of someone who has gone beyond the threshold of the known to see and experience the infinite landscapes and nuances of immortality. Realities that culturally and religiously have been defined as angels, guides, custodians, beings of light, etc., become something tangible; “people” with whom the author will actively collaborate to incite and bring to this three-dimensional plane the consciousness of immortality and permanence.

The story is warm, everyday, close; absolutely human. Antonio does not position himself within any specific and closed doctrine, but his experiences lead him to understand that unconditional love and surrender are the keys to self-realization for every human being.

The author narrates in detail his heart attack and his hospital recovery process and, above all, how these events are intermingled with the help and actions of other beings, who at the same time take care of his process from “the other side” and fill his heart with energy and hope.

He will maintain, and continues to maintain, contact with all these new traveling companions, experiencing at their side new and wonderful realities.

Through a direct, simple, humble and, above all, absolutely sincere style, Antonio touches the heart of the reader to open the doors of hope and faith. We are NOT before a doctrinal, dogmatic or complex reading; nor before a “New Age” text full of more or less predictable statements, but before a story that arises from the entrails, from the magic of the everyday, from the transcendence of the life of each and every one of the beings that populate this Earth; a story, in short, that invites us to see, remember and understand that piece of eternity that beats in the deepest part of ourselves. And the truth is that, in truth, every human being, at some point in his existence, will hear or feel within himself those same words: “Now you are home”.

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