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ALMA CON ALMA Sublimation 

C/ Jerusalén 5, bajo


? +34 722 219 471

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We can make all kinds of prints and sublimations on all kinds of objects:


  • T-shirts, 
  • mugs,
  • cups
  • metals
  • key rings
  • and everything you can imagine…

In the plotter we will also be able to make:

  • decals
  • silver awnings for cars and vans
  • and of course… of course! the printing on canvas of the picture of our dear and beloved Jesus.

And all thanks to you!


Professionals are needed: ??????

  • from the field of 3D printing,
  • sublimation
  • and design.

? Collaborators, representatives and contract workers, are welcome.

Contact for more information:

C/ Jerusalén 5, bajo


? 722 219 471

? 927 617 790


Inconditional Love

a Team

a work

Raising funds

We print your life…

From unconditional love we created the project ALMA CON ALMA SUBLIMACIÓN in Cáceres (Spain). 

  • We are a TEAM of people committed to others, working with great enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Our JOB will be to provide service in the world of digital printing and sublimation of all kinds to personalize your life.
  • The purpose of this project is and will be to RAISE FUNDS FOR THE HUMANITARIAN WORK of the Association.
  • We are launching it from May 2022, thanks to all the contributions you have made, beautiful souls with beautiful hearts.


We use different techniques


It is one of the digital printing techniques where the printed design is transferred to the surface that we will customize and is done by heat, with a Transfer Plate (put the images of the machines) …. Among the items that we can sublimate, we find mugs, thermoses, key chains, magnets, backpacks, musical instrument cases, phone and iPad cases, calendars, caps, pet clothing, clothing in general, wallets, purses, stuffed animals, photo frames, watches, puzzles, games, tiles … and many more.

Laser Engraving:

It is one of the most durable, it is recommended in those products in which due to the material, the techniques based on inks, do not offer a guarantee of durability … such as medals, pendants, glass … etc.. The marking process is carried out by means of a powerful but controlled light beam that allows marking without damaging the product, achieving a natural, precise, elegant finish and with very good resolution.

3D Printing:

3D Printing technology, basically consists of the creation of models and parts in 3 dimensions, starting from the basis of a design made by means of a computer. The objects that can be printed in 3D are multiple and varied. Household objects, models, food, mechanical components, prostheses, decorative items, construction materials, sports equipment, toys … let’s say that everything you can “create” by yourself could be printed in 3 dimensions, nothing resists 3D printers.


Plotter Printing:

Also known as a plotter or even as a graphic plotter and large format printer, it is usually print jobs that are made in vector graphics or to make very precise cuts as is the Cutting Plotter . The Plotter does not use ink or toner, instead uses a pencil, pen or any other tool used for drawing. In this way, continuous strokes are generated and not dots as it usually happens in the normal printer. Nowadays, the things that can be obtained are varied, such as plans, posters, advertisements, vinyls, high resolution photographs, canvases…etc. In addition, with our Cameo Pro Cutting Plotter, we can print posters, stickers, labels, signage, textile vinyl, signage for vehicles and shop windows, art reproductions…etc.

Textile embroidery:

We embroider all kinds of motifs…logos, coats of arms, flags, initials, birth dates, signs, phrases…etc.

If you visit our facilities, we have a Photocopier and Binder, where we can print your documents, scan them and receive your “mails” to print your documents in different formats.

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