To those who left

by Sep 12, 2022PRAYERS

Dear Creator,
Today I see myself violated by all that is happening and I ask and beg you to help us.

The Human Being cannot pull alone, without you we are absolutely nobody my GOD.

I would like to put aside all the anger, arrogance, rage, ego, attachment, judgments, expectations, fear and beg you to please give us a hand, help us, help us to get out of all this because we need you my GOD.

Help us to become aware so that we go and walk all together, but above all LORD, remember and put by their side all those Celestial Entities that are with you, so that all these brothers who have left en masse to the house of the FATHER, are received and accompanied, are reassured and above all feel the warmth and love of the FATHER who receives them.

Let them be truly happy, LORD; let them obtain what they have not obtained on Earth, fill them with illusion, joy and blessings.

And please LORD, convey to them on our behalf that we love them, that we miss them; that we have not been able to say goodbye to them but that they are in our hearts; that we love them deeply, that we love them and that we will never forget them.

And that we ask and beg that one day we can meet them again to be able to embrace them, to be able to tell them what we never told them or to repeat to them what we repeated so many times: I LOVE YOU.

My LORD, remember all our brothers and sisters who have gone home, help them to be well, accompany them to the abode of your FATHER; accompany them to your abode.
Guide them to that paradise of eternity where they can jump for joy, be happy and free.

LORD GOD, today I send this prayer, this petition, this plea for you to protect, to remember and to help all our loved ones who have left without knowing that they were going to do so in these times.

And protect us LORD because without you we were never anything, we are nothing, and we never will be.

Help us my God, help me, help us because without you we are nothing LORD.



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