Antonio Gómez Martín

H, my first friend in the beyond


I wish with all my soul that this manuscript you have in your hand, dear reader, fills you with hope, illusion, absolute truth, which is what will set you free, and above all, that it has broken all those schemes you had structured about death; that it has been made very clear to you that it is not death, but life.

  • You are structured to be immortal, happy and walk next to our dear and beloved Jesus God, but logically you have the decision about when you want to do it, if sooner or later. That is your immortal path.
  • Do you prefer to postpone your arrival to see him and continue wandering around the World of Darkness, taking over and humiliating yourself, making your cloak a cloak, or do you prefer to do what I propose: be happy being a good person?
  • I repeat again to respect animals, they are beings exactly like you, but more evolved.
  • It respects the earth because it is a living being; it respects you.
  • The sun is a manned ship that offers what you need, everything you need. The moon is exactly the same and we are here, even if you do not see us when you want, at the time you want, in the context and place you want, remember that everything that comes out of your mouth can become a reality and change the life of another of your fellow men for better or worse. Therefore, be very careful with what you say, but also with what you think, and with what you do… I say no more.
  • I hope you do not violate any universal law because that would lead us to see each other in a different way.

In short, dear friend, I hope I have changed your way of thinking about death. To tell you that H is your first and best friend in the beyond, who cares for you, loves you, respects you, values you and one day will give you the freedom you so longed for and will deliver your being to God Himself.
Blessings to each and every one of you who have this manuscript in your hands and to those of you who do not, as well.

To be continued

Antonio Gómez Martín.

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