Prayer to JESUS

by Sep 12, 2022PRAYERS

JESUS my GOD, my Creator, I turn to You to renew my promise of ETERNAL LOVE.

To You I give You the only thing I possess, which is none other than the life You gave me. Help me in every moment of my existence, allow me to continue to be guided by the lighthouse that You are. LORD, do not let me stray from the path that leads me to the FATHER for I would be lost in the darkness of the darkness.

Protect every second of my life LORD, protect my family, my friends, the animals of the planet, the plants and all that YOU have created so that we without realizing it live in a true paradise, gift, of which let me LORD tell you, I want to be worthy, but I do not know how to do it without your help.

Teach me LORD to do YOUR will; I want you to give me enough strength to follow the path that YOU traced. That path full of gifts, of nobility, of virtues, of justice, but above all of righteousness and obedience to the command to love one another, as YOU LOVE US.

Help me LORD so that the darkness of darkness and deception, do not get hold of me or my soul. Teach me God to practice charity, humility, justice and righteousness. Grant me LORD the privilege of being a follower of yours until the end of time.

End which is none other than to fall into your arms of FATHER to receive the embrace and welcome of one who created us out of LOVE. Teach me LORD to be your missionary in my world, that I may announce your message of LOVE, wherever I go without bowing my head.

Feeling happy to pronounce your message of salvation to all those brothers and sisters I meet on my way. May every day there be more and more of us who follow you in the line of LOVE.

Help us LORD to become your true children, to fulfill the divine mandate to LOVE YOU above all things and to love our fellow men as ourselves, just as you do with us without failing us even if we do not realize it, my GOD.

Forgive our smallest faults LORD and do not allow us to make mistakes or to fall into the confusion of letting ourselves be guided by material things or by acts that lead us by pride to violate your will.

For you my LORD, my GOD, my KING, KING of kings, GOD of gods now and always and for all eternity I will follow you and I will LOVE you always.



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