My Prayer

by Sep 12, 2022PRAYERS

You, FATHER, who dwell into absolutely all things of Creation, who are present into the most unexpected; today I want to thank you for the life you gave me and for all those wonderful feelings that I can daily experience. I want to tell you, my LORD, that I LOVE you deeply, that I am extremely happy because you made me to your image and likeness and, therefore, immortal forever and ever.

FATHER, blessed be your name, which lives and dwells in my heart. I speak in my own way because I know that YOU listen to me. I want to tell you that I feel grateful for everything you have given to me: my family, friends, children, siblings; for the world, the nature and the animals, the Creation, the day and the night, the stars, the moon and the sun.

I am happy, my LORD, for being your child as I know you will never abandon me. I ask you to take care of my everyday life, since there are many moments of weakness that I find difficult to understand, but I know that YOU are on my side and that’s why I ask you for help. Help me, my LORD, to walk on the paths on uncertainty while I know that I will surely reach you.

I know that at the end of the road, YOU will be there with open arms, waiting for your child returning home. But some times, FATHER, when I am in doubt, would it be possible a signal, a feeling and a perception of the reality of your existence?

At least, endow me with the necessary faith to believe in myself, because in you, my FATHER, I do believe, and I believe because I need to believe as I don’t want to disappear, because I have the imperative need to be permanent and happy.

Therefore, my FATHER, I need YOU to help me with those beings that I cannot see or perceive but about whom I know that other brothers have seen and which are by me side due to your decision.

I want to bless your name, my FATHER, because you are the greatest among the great, because you make me feel great so that I feel small in your hands.

I just want to tell you that this is my personal prayer, that I LOVE you more than anything else in the world, that I LOVE you through thick and thin and that I bless you through all the misfortunes that may happen and may have happened in my life. Many times have I blamed you for what was happening in my life and I beg you pardon for this.

You are only responsible for giving me the gift of life and the freedom to live it my way. I LOVE you above all, and I bless your MOTHER, who conceived in her womb the son of GOD and the very same GOD made human. That woman was chosen by YOU so that you could come to this world as a simple human being and demonstrate to us that we are made to your image and likeness.

Blessed be you, MADAM. You were chosen by GOD and are almighty next to your son and CREATOR. Pray to him for our lives, experiences and also for our moments. May HE enlighten us and give us peace and tranquillity.

Intercede for us so that we don’t make mistakes. Bless be you forever, MADAM, all my LOVE, my greatest respect and affection for YOU. I ask you to intercede for us so that we can continue on the FATHER’s path, on the road, which is no other than your son, Our Dear and Beloved JESUS.

Forgive all the debts that we may have with our neighbors due to our actions or omissions. Grant us the possibility of our redention, and that we are able to understand that there is no other path than Peace and LOVE. 

Allow us, my LORD, to assimilate all this with tranquility, naturalness and despite the clumsiness that every human being in evolution from the smallest to the greatest, which YOU are, has. Allow us, my LORD, that all our mistakes may be eliminated by our future acts of kindness.

I bless your name and I LOVE you above all. LORD, protect your creation; we need you and we will need you because we don’t know what to do without you. We want to be by your side eternally. We bless, want, adore, praise and will always LOVE you forever and ever.


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