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Social Dining Room

C/ Córdoba  nº 1330,



On May 15, 2021, WE OPEN A SOCIAL DINING ROOM, for people in need in ARIAS, under the slogan and sign “NOW YOU ARE AT HOME”.

The Association “Now you are home”, opens and manages this social dining room.

Our immense gratitude to all the volunteers for their collaboration, organization and dedication for this project to go ahead on a daily basis. María José and Leo: you are two jewels that God has given us mutually to provide a seed of LOVE, SOLIDARITY, CHARITY and UNCONDITIONAL DEVOTION TO OUR NEIGHBOR.

It is the fruit of the efforts of people committed to selflessly helping others.


inconditional love

a home

Hot food



Giving solutions

From unconditional love for others we will provide quick solutions to people in need in ARIAS, Córdoba (Argentina). 

  • We will be A HOME for those who don’t have one, where they will be able to find warm food, a bed, toilet, clothes…


  • TRAINING is important to us so we have prepared a room where we give classes to children and adults with special needs.


  • We also have a small WORKSHOP WHERE WE MAKE CRAFTS to get funding.


Photo gallery of the dining room

Workshop photo gallery

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