PRAYER to the Archangel Michael

by Sep 12, 2022PRAYERS

Michael the Archangel, right hand of the CREATOR and who is listening to me right now, I ask you that you send whoever you have to send in order to protect the humanity, help the Creation of GOD, and for us to be more balanced, harmonized and in tune with all the universal laws. We ask you this petition with all our heart, soul and strength, and hoping that you hear it and send someone who is able to solve our problems soon.

We thank you, MICHAEL, for being who you are, the right hand of the very same CREATOR, who is always caring us.

We thank you for all your invisible work, and we ask you that you don’t desist from trying to help the humanity, as we need GOD and all the beings that HE has in charge of this task.

Thank you forever.


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Prayer is the Soul’s nourishment