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ANTONIO GÓMEZ MARTIN explains his near-death experience and the spiritual contact with his guides that he has been experiencing since then.

You will learn about the organization AHORA ESTÁS EN CASA (Now You’re Home), founded by Antonio G. M. The organization carries out various humanitarian projects that provide invaluable aid from its collaborators.

Portada del libro ¡AHORA ESTÁS EN CASA! De Antonio Gómez Martín


The author confirms that everything he is telling us in this book is the truth and nothing but the truth about what he experienced. He explains the facts with rigorous accuracy, just as they took place, minute by minute: “The experience lasted seven minutes!”

Let yourself be carried away by this real story, which will transport you to the dream of immortality!

“I say this with all my love for humanity, to whom I give the utmost precious and magnificent experience that I lived during those moments. It’s the best thing that may have ever happened to me.

Let me show you what happens after physical death.

Don’t be afraid!”

Antonio G.M. 

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"H, my first friend in the beyond"

New book by Antonio Gómez Martín

On sale now!

“I wish with all my soul that this manuscript you hold in your hand, dear reader, fills you with hope, illusion, absolute truth, which is what will set you free, and above all, that it has broken all those schemes you had structured about death; that it has been made very clear to you that it is not death, but life.”

Antonio G.M.

Association “Now you are home”

The Association “Now you are home” has been created to work for humanity.

Antonio Gómez Martín together with his collaborators, launches projects aimed at social aid in different lines of action, ranging from social exclusion, help to the needy in any conflict or social drama where others are not able to reach to solve the problem in a quick way depending on the needs and urgency of the conflict.

The Association

From Unconditional Love… We are committed to SOCIAL AND HUMANITARIAN AID to people in need and in danger of social exclusion.


You can see all the projects of the Association that are already operating in Spain and other countries, as well as those that are still in the process of being implemented.


We form a great family of servants for the LOVE of the World, Life, Peace and Solidarity as a way of Life. Nothing would be possible without this team.


If you want to help the Association you can do it by bank transfer or Paypal, or by buying the book of Antonio Gómez Martín.

If you want to help… You may!



In Cáceres, we make all kinds of prints and sublimations on various types of objects, to raise funds for the Association. 


Professionals are needed: ??????

  • from the field of 3D printing,
  • sublimation
  • and design.

? Collaborators, representatives and contract workers welcome.

Contact for more information:




  • T-shirts,
  • mugs,
  • cups
  • metals
  • key rings
  • vinyls
  • silver awnings of cars and vans
  • and of course… of course! the printing on canvas of the picture of our dear and beloved Jesus.

Diffusion on Youtube and social media

Antonio Gómez Martín carries out an intense work of dissemination of his near-death experience and all the spiritual experiences he has had since then.

“We have to See instead of looking, Listen instead of hearing, Feel instead of so much thinking.”


In 2017, I had a pulmonary infarction due to a thrombosis, I spent 3 days in intensive care with vital risk, which made me very scared. I left the clinic recovered but always with that great fear of dying, it was a panic that did not let me live! I then felt the need to search and inform myself about death or how to heal from the panic I felt.

It was then when I found Antonio, in a video talking about his experience with death. From then on I have not stopped listening to him and he has helped me a lot.

He has changed my life! The panic went away and hope, love, faith entered…. Now it makes a lot of sense to me, a saying that goes….

“Fear does not prevent death, but it does prevent you from living happily.”

Mauricio Saavedra

Telecommunications Engineer, -Chile-

I was looking for answers in life and suddenly I met, through his videos, Antonio Gómez Martín. From that moment on he really began to change my life in every way.

I consider that it was my true awakening. I began, not only to get the answers I was looking for, but also and most importantly, how to put into practice a life on a daily basis, which makes you complete your existence in a profound way.

He has made me lose my fears, he has made me work on my ego, he has made me a better person than I was before I met him.

Logically there is still a lot of work ahead, personal work. He is not going to come into your life and give you everything done as if he were a magic wand, but he will give you the tools and techniques to complete your life existence, being happy.

Alfonso Castillo

Taxi Driver, -Spain-

“By listening to the sincere heart, we use that ‘red phone’ that connects us to the Father.”

Prayer is the Soul’s nourishment

To those who left

To those who left

Dear Creator,Today I see myself violated by all that is happening and I ask and beg you to help us. The Human Being cannot pull alone, without you we are absolutely nobody my GOD. I would like to put aside all the anger, arrogance, rage, ego, attachment, judgments,...

Prayer to JESUS

Prayer to JESUS

JESUS my GOD, my Creator, I turn to You to renew my promise of ETERNAL LOVE. To You I give You the only thing I possess, which is none other than the life You gave me. Help me in every moment of my existence, allow me to continue to be guided by the lighthouse that...

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